Sao Paulo

Art and immigration

Percival Tirapeli

Brings us the artistic epopee of diferente peoples in the building of this megalopolis – in painting, in sculpture and in architecture. Ever since its foundation facing the outside world, as a small village, it was always dynamic. In the 17th century its Bandeirantes went off into the wilderness discovering gold and re-designing the borders of Brazil. Independence was proclaimed here, in Ipiranga, a distinguished by a beautiful monument where our first emperors were lay to rest and it was here that the abolitionist and republican movements were born. In the 1900s, the Port of Santos was the outlet for coffee, while at the same time it received the immigrants: São Paulo spoke Italian, Spanish, French and even Japanese. In the 20th century, the city led innovations in industry and the arts, reflected in works and teachings of impact. Today we live its third century of leadership.

  • Assunto: Arquitetura e Urbanismo
  • Ano: 2009
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